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How Are Refurbished Laptops and Computers Graded?

Cash In Your Gadgets has a 50-point quality control check, meaning we run 50 independent tests and physical examinations on the device, sometimes multiple times!

Our refurbished computers & laptops all go through a rigorous testing and grading procedure to assess their quality and to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Each device is inspected by our refurbishment team, both cosmetically and functionally, to ensure it meets our minimum requirements for sale on the website.

When we sell a device, we will also include notes on any damage found in specific areas of the device. We want you to have the best idea of the condition of the device you are purchasing!


Refurbished Excellent Condition

Refurbished Excellent devices will be in great condition! All components and hardware will be in good working order, without known faults or issues. These devices will be free from noticeable scrapes, scratches, or dents.

This condition is perfect for someone who desires an excellent condition item but wants the benefits of paying much less than it was worth when new.


Refurbished Good Condition

Refurbished Good devices are in relatively good condition. The casing may have minor scratches and marks, but the screen will be free from damage. The system hardware will be in good working order. These devices are considered relatively middle of the road amongst repaired gadgets.

This item condition is typically ideal for students or professionals who anticipate wear and tear occurring but still want to have a sleek-looking device.


Refurbished Fair Condition

Refurbished Fair Condition devices could be described as 'well used'. The device will have some obvious signs of use, such as evident scratches or dents to the casing. However, this will only be cosmetic damage and will not affect the machine's function. 

In some cases, the device may be in excellent condition aside from one specific piece of damage we have noted. Don't worry! The damage will be clear in the listing of the item's specific condition details.

Despite these minor faults, the device will still work correctly and without issue. This type of device suits families and children who want a device that may get some bumps and bruises from hectic home life but prefer not to pay a premium when they know it's likely to get heavy use.


Used Condition 

Used Condition Items are items that are not suitable for refurbishment, mainly due to the refurbishment not being cost effective. To avoid confusion we call them used, as apposed to refurbished.

Used item are still fully functional, although, the device may not be the sleekest device you have seen. Used condition devices may have apparent scratches, dents and non-structural cracks (a crack that doesn't affect the device's structural integrity). There may also be damage to the screen in the form of scratches.

You'll typically find these devices at a great price as we understand you'll want a discount, considering it has been well used.

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